I’m here for a group screening! Now what?

Did you checkout already? If not, return to the instructions provided by your group’s organizer.

If you’ve already checked out, you can return to the film by selecting Resume Watching the Film from the menu at the bottom of the page. You’ll need to log in with the email address used and the password set during checkout. If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it on the Resume Watching the Film page.

I have already gone through checkout but when I log in I can’t see the film anymore. How do I see the film again?

Film access ends within 48 hours of checkout (some exceptions may apply). If your viewing window has closed and you’d like to return to the film, you can purchase another view or plan your own screening event here.

I purchased access to a Five Seasons Extra. How do I view it?

Go to My Account and log in with the email address and password you created at checkout. Click on the Views tab and select the Watch Extra button for each Five Seasons Extra you purchased. Once purchased you have unlimited access to view the Extras whenever you like.

What’s the difference between a Group Screening and a Single View?

Group Screenings are for groups of up to 50 (larger groups, see theĀ virtual screening request form) that provide each viewer with access to the film. You will receive a private link to share with your viewers. The film will be available for each viewer for 48 hours after they visit the private link.

Single View provides one viewer access to the film for 48 hours upon checkout. Single View access cannot be shared or purchased on behalf of someone else.

Can I gift a single virtual screening?

Yes! You can purchase gift screenings to send to others. Your recipient will receive an email from us with instructions on how to access the film. The film will be available for 48 hours after the gift is redeemed.

If you have a larger group, you may want to consider a Group Screening.

Still need help? Contact info@fiveseasonsmovie.com.